Planes, Oceans And Symphonies Testo

Testo Planes, Oceans And Symphonies

She woke up, put on her dress
she stared up said "I'm a mess"
well girl you know I still believe in you
she said "I can't take these rainy days, they just never go away"
well I think I might know what you need
so get your things and come with me
and just hold my hand

da da da da....

Cause I can hold you while you dream
planes, oceans and symphonies
and I
I swear that I won't make a sound
and I
I won't let your feet touch the ground
if you hold my hand

da da da da....

And we got everything we need
girl just take a ride with me
yeah, you know the stars will keep us close
and they will follow where you go

da da da da....
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