My People Testo

Testo My People

In the club fucked up.
I got my people with me.
The hottest people in the city and i keep em with me.
When im solo i'm cuttin' up.
But now my people with me.
I got my people with me what?
All my people with me.[Repeat 2x]

[Verse 1]:
Fall off in the spot drunk as a fucking rhino.Everybody fresh my people gone get they shine on.
Everybody bucking ready to get up in some shit.Everybody looking i guess they heard we was in this bitch.
They aint know we was comin fuck it we just had popped up.My earrings was blinging these lights was driving my watch nuts.
Haters i just mug em' real niggas get dapped up.Bitches i just hug em' they wanna picture we snap it up.
Nigga who is you? Look like a clown or sum.If you aint with my people my people then get from round us.
You know i like to be with the ones who is booted around us.I aint gone lie i kinda got jealous she let my round hit.
That's one thing bout my people we never gone fuss up over hoes.That's all i really got is my people and i already know.
I put my life up for my people cause that's just how it go.Nobody bet not fuck with my people cause dese my fucking folks.

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2]:
Well that gorilla be in me.So when my people be with me.
Yall that gorilla come out me yall get to screaming and shouting.Most of my people in jail but see we aint tripping about it.
Cause they went in for good reasons all of my people retarded.Some of my people be tripping but they my people regardless.
They watch my back when i'm slipping.That's why i keep em' around me.
These my people you probably catch us hanging and clowning.Yall cant fuck with my people cause aint nobody like ours.
Only drank with my people we drank that shit by the 5th.On that dank with my people man we done smoked by the zip.
Pussy nigga look here yall don't want no dealing with us.We got real killas with us my people trill as fuck.
You aint affiliated with us don't come chilling with us.Thats how these real niggas out here be disappearing and stuff.
Suggest you stay up out our circle dog im serious cause we will flash out and beat up all the security up.I'm with my people.

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3]:
We dont barley come out so you know when we do (we coming).We gotta let the whole city know we coming through.
Gotta come in something new and thats jus how it is.Fill up the v.i.p with whips my people ride big.
Shid dese my people cause they called the people for us.Took over the spot last week shoulda seen how deep we was.
Love all my people get it cause all my people give it.All the way out there for my nigga these my people listen.
Little B my nigga main thats why i talk to em'.I done took lose for em' ill knock you off for em'.
Got partnas with choppas i got friends with mack 10s.100 cha see these been my people from back then.
My people hyped up. My people bought gats in.
Trill niggas and if you aint come here with us get back den.In the club we packed in.
And ready to set it off.Come in here with my people they crazy im tellin yall.

[Hook 2x]...
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