One Eye Open Testo

Testo One Eye Open

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Don't fall asleep yet
We haven't found a cure for what you have
And I need you here for one more night.
We'll talk about the stairs and hwo they stay in flight
Or anything to keep you from sleeping, love
So don't go yet

We could fall asleep under the window sill
And wake up to the morning light as it drifts across the room
Don't forget better days, so won't you stay
Keep one eye open
Keep one eye open, baby

You still haven't moved in quite sometime
But I'll stay right here till you wake up and if you don't
I'll stay here till the doctors pry my hand from your and
Drag me from the room screaming louder than the ambulances
Anything to keep you from sleeping love, so don't go yet

Cause we all fall away sometimes
But it's ok, you know it's ok
He will pick us up
And point us the right way
Please stay...
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