Southside Testo

Testo Southside

You've got so much life to live and so much hurt to give, so don't grow up so fast.
Try being young when you're young, you'll have time to rest when you're gone.
Balancing the wire, now you're holding on.
Just let go and take the fall.
Mom and Dad will be just fine.
Follow me back down into the southside.
Sweet, sweet adolescence... thought it would be better, but it isn't... sweet disappointment.
Fighting for the wrong side you figured out, it's never too late to make a difference now.
There's nothing that can ever hold you down.
Take 'em out.
Like the feeling of being singled out, I think it's time we run for cover now.
Or take the blame.
It's not a game, and there is no way out.
I think it's time we run for cover now.
Just take the blame.
Get it right
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