Dead End Street Testo

Testo Dead End Street

Here we go!
Got home still living in a suitcase
Kick back, throw on Blitz's "New Age"
Doin' it for the kids on the street
Head out, looking for escape
No luck, maybe that's just fate
We're on a dead end pace

We're gonna set this night
We're gonna set this night on fire
We won't look back, when we begin to tire
We know a fire burns
all we can do is stick together and

Live life...thought of an escape
Tough luck...back to the last round
Get least i'm living
Living on a dead end street

Hard times, hard lines, hard luck
Don't tire when times get tough
Don't get caught in the game
What game? please stop crying
Fuck off at least we're trying
believe a change will be made
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