Desperation Testo

Testo Desperation

What do we do
With nothing to hold onto
We die & we live
With the walls closing in

I'm not criminal & i'm not giving up
before your mind's made up...just listen up
You want potential, well I got potential
There's just 6 shots left inside my pistol today

Livin' my life for me
Livin' my life for me
No matter what they say, no matter what you hear...livin' my life for me
No matter what they preach, they're gonna disappear...livin' my life for me

I'm not criminal & I'm not giving up
Close your mouth & open your ears...lighten the fuck up
You're selling old ways just to make a dollar
It's the mind that makes the man, not the color of his collar

We're all desperate, we're all desperate
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