Help From The Stereo Testo

Testo Help From The Stereo

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Lets throw it all away
shed these layers
bringing on a new day
rollin down
the windows
just to feel the wind against your face

i've got this summer,
somewhere in me
sleepless nights just come so easily

I wonder
where these days are goin
i'll never have a way of knowin
oh no
i need help
from the stereo

sleep all day stay up all night
another day to make this
oh no
i need help from the stereo

its one mistake after another

only time will tell
that we have eachother
i've made my mistakes
but i've
had my share of fun
come along for the ride kid
your not the only


turn it up dont make a sound
the stereos gonna kill us
(turn it up)

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