Everything Changes Testo

Testo Everything Changes

When I first came to this town
I was nothing more than a little wee bairn
But I still remember the green-grocers
A matter of fact there was 3 of them

And you know

That people could get their shopping from a local store
Bakery, butchers and the fish monger
Now all we got is supermarkets
And nobody can get anything fresh

And you know, everything changes

A couple of months ago I was with my friend Joe
He's got ethics more than I know
About big shop stealing, that's not really my thing
But I guess I could kind of agree

When he picked up the apple from the shelf

And put it in the pocket of his leather jacket
Then walked out the door like nothing happened
I never really felt that I could do the same
But you know, everything does change

And you know, everything changes

The flipside of the story
Is you could steal, from the wrong people
It's all about where it's sourced
Before your act of rebellion becomes an act of aggression
And I don't think that it's cool

And you know, everything changes
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