Highland Clearances (Scotland) Testo

Testo Highland Clearances (Scotland)

What's more profitable men or sheep?
A stupid question when Britain has to eat.
Sheep need to graze so need land and space,
So you're being evicted from this place.

The conflagration of towns lights the sky at night.
And you may wonder why we haven't stopped to fight.
But how can honest folk take arms when all the while?
We're being pushed out from our homes within Argyle.

The country is aflame with burned property.
So you have moved to land across the sea.
And while you're in America with little or less,
You'll dream of the good green hills of Inverness.

The highland (Highland!) Clearances.
The land is pock-marked with disappearances.
Its not so hard to hide the tears of a nation.
When you starve them in and force them out with emigration.
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