Peterloo Testo

Testo Peterloo

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
If France was lost at Waterloo, then what was lost at Peterloo?
The innocence of justice turned to dust.
Depression after European wars, exasperated by the corn laws,
People went to hear that radical Hunt.

And what is that you say? 'Well, times have changed today.'
'We no longer have to make political fights.'

But you are only arguing to justify your apathy
Which dishonours those who died to bring you these rights.

St Peter's field, was the starting point that day.
A building block, for 100 years of pain.
It's not that hard, for you to take it for granted.
It's not that easy, to find a better way, to find a better way.

It was a struggle to gain suffrage, especially for the English
80 thousand turned out on that day
the working class of Manchester and the surrounding area
went to protest their right to have a say.

But the local magistrate sent the soldiers out to play
Drunk, with sabres drawn they made their charge

400 injured, 15 died as people fled and tried to hide
the English soldier's English massacre.
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