I Hate Big Butts Testo

Testo I Hate Big Butts

I like small butts and I cannot Lie,
You honkeys cant deny,
When a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a big thing in your face,
I get Sick!

Cuz I like a toothpick,
Ill beat that booty with a stick.
Even the jeans shes wearing,
her pants are almost tearin.
No Baby, I wanna flat booty,
Thats Tutti Fruiti.

The Honkeys try to warn me,
That butt you got is:
Ooo, so Corny!
Ooo Chicken Smooth Skin,
You say you wanna get my old, well peck me, peck me.
Cuz you aint that average Chickadee.

Hell, with romancing,
Ill take her while we re dancin.
Rich, Bitch,
Ill dig for her money ditch.
So tired of ebony,
Black Butts are not my theme,
If you ask me what my flava is,
Ill tell you its vanilla ice-cream!

So Honkeys, yeah, Honkeys, yeah!
Does your girlfriend,
Have a derrier?
Oh Yeah.
Well, Shrink it, Shrink it,
so I can get right down and Dink it.

Baby Got Jack,(White Honkeys with a real small bootyx2)x2

I like em flat and small,
and when Im in the mall,
I just cant help myself Im doin the dog pound call,
Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!

Dont like a sista,
Who farts while playin Twista.
I wish those beans did miss her,
Even uncle Ben would fist her!

I like my Bootys,
Real Slender and Tender.
And If I see a Big Booty,
Ill put in the blender,
Dont want to re-offend her!

I get into my harbour,
What the Hell is a anaconda!
All I know is I like Jane Fondas,
Better than Yalondas!

Baby Got Jack!(White Honkeys with a real small booty x2) x2
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