Swallow The Slaughter Testo

Testo Swallow The Slaughter

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
[Music & Lyrics: Tony Portaro, Joe Cangelosi]

No one knows exactly how to crawl inside his head
Spitting on him
Pulling hair
Won't rest until they're dead
Teasing, taunting everyday
The morning bus to school
Playground in the afternoon
Sits back and plays the fool

The underdog
Bears its teeth
The boiling point
The line is breached
Throw the stone
Cast the rage
Swallow the slaughter
The debt is paid
Over and over again

Young man joins the military
Shiny, brand new gun
Shipped halfway around the world
A war that can't be won
Captured by the enemy
The hope of life does fade
Thinking quick the fight or flight
Enables an escape

Years gone by
The test of time
Has made some harsh demands
Constitution fading as the radiation scans
Gone through life and war
Only to have it end this way
Doctor has the test results
Hands tremble
Bodies shake
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