Mona Lisa Smile Testo

Testo Mona Lisa Smile

Let me tell you about my girlfriend,
My girlfriend Mona Lisa,
She let somebody take a picture
So she can be a fashionista.

She said she wanna be a model
But what she wanna be a model for?
She told me that she want to travel
Walk the rumors in Milano.

But I tell her that I love her,
Adore her, I need her, my Lisa.
She told me trust her,
I want to, I wanna trust her.

And I dont know why it hurts me, it hurts me, it hurts me
I get jelous when she working, working, working
All the fellas they be looking, looking, looking
They’re looking at my Lisa, Lisa, Lisa.

Let me tell you about my baby,
My baby Mona Lisa.
She told me that I’m acting crazy,
She said I need to free her.

She said she feel like she imprisoned
But why she’d feel like she’s in prison?
We’re always going to the ocean side
And on a mountain top we’d be living a good living.

She wanna be a model and travel
And walk any rumor in Milano.
She says I’m jealous, I know I’m jealous,
Because I want her only for me and I fear to lose.

And it hurts me, hurts me, hurts me,
All the time she be working, working, working,
And boys be flirting, flirting, flirting,
Flirting with my Lisa, Lisa, Lisa.

Smile for me Mona Lisa, Lisa,
Smile for me Mona Lisa, Lisa,
Smile for me Mona Lisa, Lisa,
Smile for me Mona Lisa, Lisa.
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