Bipolar Mind Testo

Testo Bipolar Mind

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Hate and love blind me all the time
All my life I fell dirt in my eyes
I don't find the magic balance
I don't know what is shadow what is light
I wanna die by the cross
I want to kill by the devil
I always live in complete madness I`m the weak, I`m the great

Please set me free god
Hey set me free god
Have you no mercy
Can't you see me dying?
My lord!!

What do you need to prove?
Pushing me down and kicking my face
Do I deserve this war in my head?
Are you playing your stupid game?
Can't you hear me praying for you?
Always early but feeling so late
Can't you hear me my lord?
I need your help

What do you want from me?
Oh tell me please
You have no mercy
Can't you see me crying lord?
Can't you see me suffering lord?
I need your help
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