Dimension Testo

Testo Dimension

I fell Down in the desert baby,
I had nothing but a peice of paper, yeah,
I had to write something down,
And I found myself alone, and then I let go of everything,
Into another dimension.

Lightning crash on the hill tonight,(yeah)
I got a feeling everything's gonna be alright
Then a horse came running to me
Said we're gonna go to the santuary
Then a storm began to blow,
Into another dimension.

Purple haze is in the sky,
See the angels we die,
All these things we bow astride
'Till we see the reasons why, oh yeah.

I fell in the desert baby, yeah
I had nothing but a peice of paper, why!?
I had to write somehting down
But then i found myself alone
Then i let go of everything
Into another dimension
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