Attitude Testo

Testo Attitude

I've been up and down, sideways, crossways, outside in and inside out
I took a rocket ride across the sky a couple times till the fire burned out
Well I hit the ground a time or two
But I got back up and I found the truth

I said, hey hey, ole Wynonna's got something to say
Oh, oh, you know I know what I'm talkin' about
There's two ways to take what this old life's gonna throw at you
You can choose to win or lose, it's all about attitude

Well, this world has tried to break me, shake me, tried to take the fight out of me
But I've always come back bigger-badder-better always land on my feet yeah
Well I could've given up could've got down, down, down
But I kept on swingin' and I went another round


You can lay it down, you can roll on over, get outta the way, or you can move that mountain over!

I say hey hey, this red head's got something to say
Oh, oh, you know what I'm talking about y'all
There's two ways to take what this old world's gonna throw at you
It all comes down to you, and attitude...
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