Don't Look Back Testo

Testo Don't Look Back

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Words and Music by Tonio K and John Keller

Time to walk away
You?ve run out of things to say
Everything ends up the same old story
You don?t know where love went
But nothing's making sense
You both know you can?t fake it anymore

Don?t look back he?ll see you cryin?
Don?t look back on love that?s dyin?
Make believe your heart is made of stone
Don?t look back into his eyes
You?ve already said goodbye
It?s over now; you?ve got to let him go

He?s the one you love
But sometimes love is not enough
It?s too complicated to explain
No you never will forget
But you?ll get over it
Someday just sweet memories will remain

So don?t look back; don?t break your will
Don?t look back at him until
You?re far enough to let your feelings show
Don?t look back into those eyes
You?ve gone back so many times
It?s over now you?ve got to let him go
There?s a time for everything including leavin?
There?s a time the heart admits defeat
And starts its grieving
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