To Be Loved By You Testo

Testo To Be Loved By You

Words and Music by Gary Burr and Mike Reid

Love that?s worth fighting for
That?s what this is
And how, how could I want more
Than the warmth of your kiss
No matter how many miles and dreams
Come between us now
In each step I take, with each prayer I make
This love will live somehow


Let the mountains rise, I will climb them all
When my body?s weak, I will not fall
Baby, come what may I?ll find a way to get through
There?s nothing that I won?t do
To be loved by you

There will be lonely nights
When you?ll whisper my name
Know on those lonely nights, I?ll be doing the same
Should every star in the sky go out
Just keep your faith alive
We were meant to be, this is destiny
It cannot be denied
And even when we?re worlds apart
Just keep this promise in your heart
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