Book Of Lies Testo

Testo Book Of Lies

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
Can you fill
The hole in my heart
Are you the answer
To my search?
Is there a cause
For being here?
Give me a sign
And I will believe

Why can't you see
The worries on earth?
Why can't you change
What's going wrong?
Are you looking
Down on me?
Give me a sign
And I will believe

There is no deeper sense
I'm sure there is no God
There is no heaven
No hell
The book of lies
Won't tell
I've got no soul for sale
The faithless will prevail

First a sign
And then my creed
Without cognition
No enlightenment
Show me your might
Bring it to light
Without a proof
I'd never left my path
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