Lullaby Testo

Testo Lullaby

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
You're still awake and I can feel the tears dryin' on your skin

And I wish that they were mine

I touch your hand, I kiss your lips to make you feel I'm there

Just to hold you through this night

The weight of the world, this burden on your shoulders

Demons of the past, will they ever disappear?

Memories of withered dreams, illusions torn and gone

Remaining scars no one can see

This end of innocence and thought it made you strong

Your inner wounds, a part of me

I only wish to be the one you can rely on

Do you feel I care, care for all I have with you

When curtains fall and the lights begin to fade

There's only us and all masks are obsolete

You're still awake and I can sense a smile upon your face

So glad to have you by my side

Draw back my hand and let the night's relief enter its place

Close your eyes, sleep well tonight

My love, feel safe tonight
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