On My Way Testo

Testo On My Way

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I'm on my way - to the places only you have seen
So far away - show me places where I've never been
Come touch my soul - you're here to fill this life of mine
Take my control - this Midas touch is all divine

I am your light, the keeper of the flame
You are the night causing sweetest pain

And I feel it is real - nothing I can hide inside
A spirit took me back to life again
And I see it is real - forgotten's what I used to be
A new born soul, I'm on my way

To where all dreams whisper your name
I'm yours to take - made in heaven, not in vain
In your dark eyes - lies the suffering of my pride
Look at my tries - to fight this longing I can't hide

You're what I need - got me out of mind
You will take the lead - forever, I'll be blind

And I feel it is real - nothing I can hide inside...

Once I thought this could not happen
Solitary, my soul, now gone astray

And I feel it is real - nothing I can hide inside...
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