Valentine Testo

Testo Valentine

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Be the valentine, rip the heart of mine
Give your innocence to the brightest of dreams
This is harvest time, taste the bloodred wine
Of this gilded art, it is spilled from my own heart

Its so hard to see my face
In the mirrors cold disgrace
I wonder what is this I have become
A childish forlorn wish
So easy to seduce
Seems like its just one step to fall down

Be the valentine

I can hardly write these lines
Cause I already have signed
My name across the wall of prayers

Now I listen to my name
Sounding like a blame
I close my eyes and start to sing my song

Be the valentine

If Im looking back behind
To long forgotten times
Theres something that is burning on and on

Oh, oh, oh, pactum fraudis! (x4)

I live in memories, cast into melodies
They die in harmony with greed and treachery

Be the valentine

How can I run from this hurting neverending pain
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