Digital Fucker Testo

Testo Digital Fucker

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Start fucking War!!!

Verse 1
You wanna be a soldier
You wanna get the gun
You wanna be the emperor
You wanna get the crown
The mind is separated
The flesh is paralysed
Brain begin formated
Distorted by disease
Nobody's around you
Nothing - is your real
Visions thru the cross-fire
To kill or not to kill
You don't have any problem
You have no fucking feel
No remorse - no regrets
Real WAR is near

Bridge 1:
When your eyes is slowly bleeding
When the game and real is changed
When your blood is slowly spilling
When you searching for revenge
When your sex is not a pleasure
And your girl escape from home
Just forget about salvation
It's your slavery! No more...

Start fucking WAR!!!

Verse 2
Hate is your aggression
Murder is your grace
Imaginary living
Imaginary place
No one really matters
Nobody need you too
Cyber Battle is raging
Your head is crashed thru
Distress and disorder
Beating like insane
You fighting for the fiction
This is not a game
When your gun is charged
Armor activated
Flooded by the Hatred
And anguish to be fed

Bridge 2:
When you take control of blue screen
The blue screen is controlling you
When you see that game is over
Life is over - Game took you
The War external! The War inside!
The War instead your erased mind
No remorse - it's just for weaks
No more sense - the needless shit!

War! War! Electric War
All you need is fucking war
War! War! The real War!
You can't stop this anymore
The War external! The War inside!
The War instead your erased mind
No remorse - it's just for weak
No more sense - the needless shit!
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