My Hammer, Your Messiah Testo

Testo My Hammer, Your Messiah

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
[Music: T. Azad | Lyrics: T. Azad]

Stripped, beaten, shamed then nailed to the pentagram
the morning star glows as lungs are ripped from your chest!

No data exists!
Does not compute!
Does not correlate!

Your Messiah is a fake!
Your Messiah is a myth!

Rise one eyed Son!
Your thoughts still permeate through Midgaard!
Descendants adhere to killing their own
neglecting their place among the Stars!

The Hammer and its fighters burning through the Ionosphere,
And amend!

Oceans boil as Gamma Rays engulf your lands,
and the blinding light ascends!
Manifestation of Men!

Ragnarok comes!
No angels helping their kind to escape its path!
Valholl is gone!
No hope remains for these cursed lands!

The hammer strikes down!
Deep blue, the horizon burns steadily!
In seconds its gone!
The Earth swallowed into eternity!

Ocean world: Dead!
The great halls have been set ablaze...
Creator of the Sky!
Let Munin be saved....

A Race we are no more
Killing brought us here
Neglecting whats inside
Massacring for riches, color and petty pride!

Stellar migration shelved
War plans readily made
Disregard the starving, the dying, and the maimed!
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