Dime A Dozen Testo

Testo Dime A Dozen

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Last night you told me whats on your mind
Apparently it's not me.
So tonight, I'm packing up all my things.
Even though I'm hoping somewhere deep inside, you'll change your mind, come running back, regret the time you said that I was nothing.
I thought I had you figured out.
Knew what you and I were all about.
How was I so far off when it seems like you knew all along?

Here I go, darling, walkin out the door
With my dreams, and you know that I've got nowhere else to go
We both know, one day you'll be at my show
And you'll want me then, only if they're screaming out my name.

Maybe it isn't right for me to say, because I don't think I was ever really yours at all.
And I, I'm not the one to hold a grudge.
But I can't forget, no I'll never forget...baby, you said that I was nothing.


I bet you want me bad now
Oh I've got some fans now
And I bet you love me baby
Now that you hear them screaming

Here I go, walkin out the goddamn door, with my dreams and I've got nowhere else to go
We both know one day you'll be at my show
And you'll want me then, there you are, screaming out my name
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