Lost Dreams Testo

Testo Lost Dreams

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
loneliness surrounds me and my thougths
I submit to destiny
in my empty eyes
my lost dreams are mirrored back

my thoughts lead me on never entered paths
but where do the ways end?
I just see bleak blackness
but I can never turn back again

my feets want me no longer to take
life makes me tired
I only want to sleep-finally sleep
and forget my lost dreams

I dream the dream of eternity
I would it with pleasure become real
and I will be no longer taken in
by the illusion of life

life seems forgotten
the day, the night,
the senseless memories
mirrors themselve back in my lost dreams

a life in a world without light
controlled by the bleakness of my thoughts
which drives me slowly into abyss
untill the eternal blackness surrounds me

the shackles, which chain me to life
become weaker and weaker
done with life, I'm ready to face the death
to forget my lost dreams forever
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