All Fun And No Fights Testo

Testo All Fun And No Fights

Hardcore is supposed to be about unity
It's supposed to be about looking out for each other
But you just don't get it cause you've got this fantasy
Thats you'll gain respect by proving that you're tougher
But what have you gained and where do you profit
From beating kids down at underground shows
You just set us back from what we could accomplish
We don't need you around its time that you go

What could Be better than just hanging out together
We'll be letting it go dancing hard all night
Pile on, sing along, nothings going wrong
Until you came along to pick a fight
He's either half your size or it's ten on one
Do you really think we're impressed?
We came here to support and have fun
You've got to lay that tough guy act to rest

Strength in numbers if we stick together
We can fight off those who threaten our scene
We've seen it before but never again
Maybe they can take one but they can't take us all
Maybe they can take one BUT THEY CAN'T TAKE US ALL
Maybe they can take one BUT THEY CAN'T TAKE US ALL

Positive youth crew we'll stick together
Positive youth crew's were gonna take back our scene
They won't beat kids down
They won't push us around
If they do then they'll answer to you and to me

We're gonna rake our scene
We're gonna take our scene back
We're gonna take this scene back
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