Twilight Of The Sentinals Testo

Testo Twilight Of The Sentinals

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
The imagination is the ultimate religion
For it has no doctrine
Fantasy is the ultimate ideology
For it knows no boundaries

We can all remember
when reality was a dream
Luv me please
Hide with me behind the trees
With eyes like midnight
Where we watch forever
The twilight of the sentinals

Like the moonlight
At the end of a perfect day
The theatre is flashing images that are sanctified

Merlin eats moondust and neuro-toxins
The designer drugs of the living dead
With blue eyes
The pillars of stone
And the beds made of bone
Where a quiet war
Is fought with silent weapons

We are not dressed for success
Amongst the pop-up blockers and censors
Where claymore minds
Are hidden at playtime

The strings that hold a skeleton together
where a worm weaves silk coccoons
We are seducing and controlling the viewers
We are altering human life
We are the subversive acts of consciousness
In test pattern hallucinations

Sexual intercourse
With those that labored for eons
Is opening up your neural floodgates

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