The Countdown Has Begun Testo

Testo The Countdown Has Begun

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Even if you don't show people a thing
Beads of sweat run on your forehead
A smile to wipe out the grieves and dry the tears
Your pride and guts are reflections of your reserve
No flaw is visible but in the end�
You are afraid!

Death is not really terrifying
The hardest part is for people who stay
It becomes unrefined
It never strikes down at the right time
And the right person
There is something rotten in paradise

Death is blind and unfair
It always hits below the belt
The countdown has begun
The dice are loaded

The countdown is engaged from the moment we're born
We're survivors at the very last minute

The countdown has begun
The dice are loaded

The wheel's spinning but always the same way
It always stops, I think we're attached to it

The countdown has begun
The dice are loaded

Don't leave too quickly ripping your pages out
You deserve to rest in the Valhalla

The countdown has begun
The dice are loaded

No substitute will absorb our despair
There is really something rotten in paradise
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