Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran

Yeah, fresh off tour nigga
I still smell like the van and shit
I was like, "soon as we get into the studio...
Load that Jai Paul joint up"

[Verse 1:]
What it do, what it do?
Peas and carrots, I'm back in the stu, in the stu
Shouts to Casey Veggies, that's my dude
Finish touring, now I'm back up in the booth
Like Superman 4, S on my chest and
Damn ho, he flexing
Hard in the paint, that's a Van Gogh erection
Head til I ache, X on Excedrin
Niggas gonna hate, that's a fact, not a question
You face time and I'm giving bars like facing time
Throw your watch in the garbage, nigga, you wasting time
Doctor my lyrics, I'm taking time with these patient rhymes
They say the world's cold - time to make it mine

I know I've been gone a long time
I'm back and I want what is mine
I know I've been gone a long time
I'm back and I want what is mine

[Verse 2:]
What it do, what it do?
They want beef? Well, I'm back in the stu, in the stu
Like Hangover 2 with a Tyson tattoo
They want a new classic? Well, I'm writing that too
Money, cars, hoes, chains
Dope flows, females, wait?
They got no content and subject, fam, they emails blank
Paint a picture and tell whatever the details can't
Buildin' a movement, them haters making my retail wait
When they go on sale, put it on the scale
Praying that it do well, and weigh as much as blue whales
Dropping bars for all of them broads who bailed
Smoking that cool J, giving haters 2 L's
Perfect timing, I started popping with rhyming
I was close to getting a job at Furniture on Consignment
Tapping on the table and spinning around in a chair man
Now it's deals on the table with the chairman

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