Foreign Exchange Student Testo

Testo Foreign Exchange Student

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
(feat. Miami Horror)

we're on square yet

what plan you to come from
which your .. done
and my show hands up in the sun
ask her what she's doing when it's done.
we're gonna kick it, have a little fun
play me a .. for a
..sweats .. all start shots
watch you smoke, watch you drink
... what you think
.. black .. pink
i'ma see that by theend of the week
she said you're gonna let me sleep alone
i said no, she said come on

i don't know just where you came from
i need you now
if you leave me from .. something i can't ..

yeah see, i knew she wasn't from here
that's why i called her foreign exchange student
she's like freshes ... all that
but at the same time she plays more .. count three
this is to the pics ..religiously ..

i don't know your circle circle
but you like this .. right here
i know you .. hurt you hurt you
but don't be scared, be scared
i .. hot so hot, up in the air, the air,
george clooney .. i don't ..that's ..
you come back stage my .. it's cool my .. grabbing these snacks like scooby doo
smoke to your eyes like lucy loo
she knows..but she asks for shots
you ain't going home i'm glad you not.

[Chorus: x2]
'cause i don't know just where you came from
and i need you now
if you need me from the start
.. something i can't ..

so all the ladies or should i say .. women right there
it just apply to, i wish i could sing you some beautiful flowers
or teddy bears but i can't so
i'm gonna have ..just for you baby, just for you
is that vintage or ..

swag, swag, swag, swag

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