My Song Of Creation Testo

Testo My Song Of Creation

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
[Lady Sophia:]
I am all of that which is not shaped by it's past
The beginning, the end, everything in between
My mind creates, divides, separates...
A burden for all time
I've found peace within myself
which truly isn't mine
Look into my eyes
Infernal passion pends
Let my song of creation commence

[Part II Creation]

[Lady Sophia:]
A scorching earth a blinding sky,
I close my eyes and visualise
In a vigilante storm the shape seems to appear
I breathe the wind, my tears fill the lakes
a part of me starts to be
In this vast symphony the melody is clear

Ancient spells I whisper
Moulding clay to live
Creating skies and seas

All the beauty in my world
All that is honest and is true
I will pour into you, my Sister
The guardian of all that is good
This task I appoint to you
Cherish it, remember it

For every right is wrong
For every light is darkness
For every day is night
For every song is silence

For every right is wrong
For every day is night
Ancient spells I whisper
Moulding clay to live
Forging light and darkness
Fasten their emotions
to live forever free
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