Of The Truth Testo

Testo Of The Truth

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I have chosen you to recognize the unknown
An image of me, without revealing its complexity
Welcome to all I am explore me thoroughly
Leave the tree for what it is

You must know the ground you walk upon
Ain't nothing but the love you gave me
I am the tree and I'm fed by you
I hand over all I am

One day you're gone and the tree will too
My world will fade away with you

So I have chosen you and you've chosen me
Now, now all of me has become yours too
Seduced by the unknown
The desire to experience
Hear the roars in depths of silence
Forget the cave, think for god's sake

You were my last and only hope
Voluntarily swallowed by the cave
Placed curiosity above me
Removed the ground beneath the tree

You're gone but still I am
The ground remains so does the tree
But the grief has ceased to be
Better of alone, I'm free

I forgot who I really am
Thought I couldn't make it on my own
Released and appeased
The tree died, I'm new seed

I was the tree and always fed by you
The ground was based upon your love
The cave was nothing but the truth
My real grief was caused by all your carves
All your carves...
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