Murderer Testo

Testo Murderer

[feat. Just Brittany]

Ay we ready, ay ay we ready (aaaah)
Tell em we ready, if we tell them again (Houston Texas)
Tell em we ready, if we tell them again
Tell em we ready, if we tell them again I tell them

Wide lens, coming down I-10
Promethazyne, dripping down my chin
One deep for life, that mean I'm my friend
You gon' fall asleep, trying to count my ends
Ain't no other rapper got a set of skills, that Ro got
I swear I'm half a man and half machine, call me Ro-bot
We don't roll 20's, we roll swangas
Try to take it from us, we keep one up in the chamber danger

[Hook: x2]
Tell em we ready, if we tell them again
Tell em we ready, if we tell them again
Houston Texas, down South we run the game
We some murderers, haaaaa

[Just Brittany:]
I already told ya, you ain't heard a gangsta yet
Play with fire, it's gonna get you wet (wet)
Guns gloves vest, Houston is Screwston Tex
And you ain't gotta give it, I promise we take respect
This an army, better yet a gang
And I ain't gonna do ya, all my people pack a thang
Thousand dollar hair do, ain't messing with no bangs
We just want the fortune, we ain't focused on the fame
Sunny in the club but, I'm a make it rain
Y'all be renting cars but, I be renting planes
All black on, with the pistol in your mouth
We putting you in the fish tank, I put that on the South

[Hook x2]

[Z-Ro & Just Brittany:]
These haters, always see us in the streets haters
Mean mugging, we ain't trying to speak haters
Hole in your neck, how you gon' breathe hater
This is H-Town, either you gon' get down or lay down
We on the radio, everyday now
We don't give a damn, what you say now

[Just Brittany:]
The South is back [x8]
We some murderers
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