Same One Testo

Testo Same One

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Woke up wit 50 some odd niggaz bumpin they gums
God I tried to be calm
But everywhere I go its like Veitnam
I tried to be Joseph McVay
But niggaz be bringing the killa back out in me everyday
The same niggaz,I broke bread wit and got feed wit me
Stood behind the trigga when the infared led hit me
In my cunfusion ain't no such thang as a friend
All I know,homocides are homies plotting trying to sniff out my endz
Like they a blood hound or a cuz hound
Fuck few dollars,them or they blood or cuz down
It'll be the same niggaz you be rollin wit and fucking wit hoes
That'll tell yo woman you unfaithful
Cuz you fucking wit hoes
Same nigga sit down to piss
Unable to stand up straight
They the reason real niggaz doing time upstate
Talkiing to 222 clips cuz they hustle is dead
The block is too hot fo em
So they snitchin to get they bread

It be the same one screaming that he down 4 life that'll come and lay you down tonight
Same nigga
I retaliated 4 wit 45's and K's
One that got me doing time today
No lie
Same nigga I done fed when they low on his bread
Same nigga trying to get between my lil mama legs
It be the same one you figure the closest to ya
That'll treat you like he never even knew ya
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