Talkin' Down On Me Testo

Testo Talkin' Down On Me

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Since I been out by myself, I keep that bitch Nina with me
If you my enemy, you don't wanna be the last nigga that seen her with me
Z-Ro haters be making my attitude, rude
Fuck around and get stole on, if you fuck up my moves
Dude, finally I found myself, I had to stop
Blowing that kick em cause eventually I would of drowned myself
Already need a anger management class
See if a busta cross me, it don't matter the situation I damage his ass
Soldier that's what I be, so bitch
Why you trying to play me like a H-O-E
Turn me loose so I can make it to the T-O-P
It's like I'm in a bucket full of C-R-A-B's, but I keep climbing
And I keep on rhyming, while they be bumping they gums
Looking at my diamonds whining and blinding, no dumping they guns
Cause they can't see me, bitch I'm invisible to the hate
Thugged off in my kitchen, cutting chemicals in my cakes

Talking down on me from a safe place, now I'm in your face
What you gon do now
Barrettas and Rugas on my person, they would do ya if I burst em
What you gon do now
Mo City my block showing no pity for cops, if you trespass
You done fucked up now
No busting in the sky first one through your thigh, second ones a chest blast
I done lucked you out now

Niggas be cool in my face, but hate behind my back
Talk down on me in front of me, but not behind my gat
I bet you won't do that, I bet you scared of that iron
Perpetrating like you a gorilla, selling drinks in line
You ain't never seen the Pen nigga, the penitentiary
They talk rehabilitation, but look at what it did to me
I smoke mo' and sip mo', than ever before
Motherfuckers be on my nerves, so I lean on that dro
Trying to keep on dropping a bomb, on the bitch-made
Don't be looking surprised, y'all made it this way
I got a Vendetta with lifts, that be trying to sink me
Sending police after me, and trying to link me
To aggravated robbery, and strong-arm jacking
Trying to throw me off my note, so I can't do no stacking
Johnny Cochran over lawyer got me out on bail
Looking for niggas that was plotting on receiving my mail

[Chorus - 2x]
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