Travelin' Bone Testo

Testo Travelin' Bone

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Rode home from Dallas in the back of a pickup truck
Had my thumb stuck in the air
Guess I found a little luck

But when that boy dropped me on the outskirts of my town
I tried my best to walk on home but I turned right back around

I got a travelin' bone, got to move on
Get me to another town
Restless and ready, not too steady
And never too long around

If you think you see me, but maybe you're not sure
It's just my travelin' bone you can pick out of the blur
'Cause I got a travelin' bone, got to move on

I had a woman, finest girl I've ever known
She held on to me, always telling me to “come on home”

But after a few days of resting in her arms
I was back on the highway
Passing truckers signs and farms


A travelin' bone, got to move on

How I got this way I'll never know
But papa used to tell me “why stay when you can go”


A travelin' bone, got to move on
A travelin' bone, got to move on
Yeah I got a travelin' bone and I'm moving on

Here I go
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