Zydeco Jump Testo

Testo Zydeco Jump

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Rudy come running and I heard the screen door slam,
Said, “I got the news right here in my hand”.
All the boys in the club house gathered round,
To hear the tale that ole Rudy was putting down.

He said, “I don't know but I been told,
They got a new kind of music they calling Zydeco,
Shake it to the right, shake it to the left,
Shake it with somebody, shake it by yourself.

Jump. Zydeco Jump.

I'm living in the country, nobody for miles around.
We don't get the news about what's going down in town.
I'm not sure but I believed that it's true,
Sooner or later gonna bust on through.
If you believe in what the country people say,
They say the Zydeco music is here to stay.

Jump. Zydeco Jump.

Joe and Mary and Suzie Q. happy as they can be.
Rudy says that the Zydeco Jumping is going to set you free.

Jump. Zydeco Jump.
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