Stronger Than Death Testo

Testo Stronger Than Death

Hunt me down, seek me out, bring your best That's how I want it tob e Full of doubt, full of fear, all's unclear It's over cuz now I can see Like a tank, seething strength, crushing all Pulling you under my treads Lost some years, lost some days, that's O.K. I piss on what's in my way (CHORUS) Your two-faced abusin' Mindless confusion Resolution (I feel I'm breathing my first breath) Manipulation Dyin' salvation You'll never rest (You can't kill what's stronger than death) Looked inside, found myself, it was me Waitin' there at the well If you're green, you ain't seen, life's a game Sometimes it's just hard to tell Gouging eyes, breakin' bones, eatin' flesh Puts a smile on my face Crawlin' through glass, eatin' nails, losin' blood It's all part of findin' your place Chorus

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