What You're Look'n For Testo

Testo What You're Look'n For

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
We were friends Yet never all that close Two different people lord I guess yeah, I suppose Well I could see by the lines on your face So much on your mind Searchin' for someone, anyone, something to treat you kind Chorus I hope you found what you were lookin' for 'Cause I haven't seen your face around here no more When did life become a chore When was it that you couldn't take it anymore With nothin' above you & nothin' below Couldn't cure the need for somewhere else to go I just hope that ya found, what it was, what it was you were lookin' for. Sweep all your fears Beneath the rug there on the flour Shed a new skin No longer insecure Your livin' harder yeh Harder than you know Tell me - how fast can ya burn? And how far can ya go?

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