A Simple Reminder Testo

Testo A Simple Reminder

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Hoping to scratch him. As we bleed to death. As we have a shepherd we do not
want. I run on a treadmill that never stops. My reflection in the wading
pool is dirty, and I'm sickened. It hurts. I'm sick of repetition. An
illness, spreading. Blinding my eyes. Erase my thoughts. Cancel my
subscription to the things of this world. In heopen eyesof delivereance. I'm
color blind. Waiting to see. Wanting to finally say no and walk away with a
smile. Time after time my call is game over; But again and again this cancer
spreads. Bleeding and spitting guilt and convictions. As Ilay in this pit of
defeat... (Once again to strive.) To beat itout over and over. So worn. I
will defeat this. Workedover. With intention to kill. To watch Him die and
smile. At His dismay. His pain. My deliverance. My cleanliness a giftof
freedom. My walk purified. My peace given by God.
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