Breath Of The Black Muse Testo

Testo Breath Of The Black Muse

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Open your mouth boy, just to swallow your teeth, I will not pay the price for your self-inflicted grief, my meekness lies there
shivering and raped, trembling prophet, anointed wrath of God incarnate
Cutting and tearing dissection, strangled and hanging before me, weeping and screaming become you, carry out your suffering
Raise your fist boy to bring upon your demise, never had a clue what waited behind these eyes, your body torn apart, you could not
escape, trembling prophet, anointed wrath of God incarnate
Inspiration from your damnation, your breath blackens my lungs, you marked the line to guide my first incision, breath of the black
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