Purdy Young Blondews With Lobotomy Eyes Testo

Testo Purdy Young Blondews With Lobotomy Eyes

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Purgy young blondes with lobotomy eyes
Keep their fingers down their throat to attract all the guys
Who will drug them at bars and take them home to his friends
She'll wake up the next day and she'll not do it again
Vomit yourself into the social shining spotlight
Purgy young blondes with lobotomy eyes
Get fat shoved in their chests and sucked out of their thighs
And your new broken nose will look so good when it mends
Worship MTV, watch and worship the trends
Queen of the congregation at a wax museum
Sit and rest at the feet of your airbrushed deity
Fall into the crowd
Falling faster
You're blind
Roll your eyes
Follow and just pretend
Your life is a shallow fleeting trend
Your life is so shallow
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