Times Of Seperation Testo

Testo Times Of Seperation

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once again to strive, to beat it outover and over again.so worn, worked overwith the intention to kill.to watch him die and smileat his destinyhis pain,my deliverance.my cleanliness a gift of freedom.my walk purified.my peace given by God.what else is thereafter slipping away.when every thing is silentand nothing else is around?alone.looking deep inside.hearing the echo of my soul,no one can know.in these times of silence,hese times of seperation,i find there is a void that rises up,a peace that bridges my tears,a comfort that no one else can offer.so why do people run away?why do the look elsewhere and basetheir self on opinionswhen the truth is so evident that thisGod of love is so constant?destruction and storms.my Jesus stands to help.

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