Comment ça Va? Testo

Testo Comment ça Va?

The Voice, J-Ax lascia il programma: "Lancia talenti che non venderanno mai"
Chorus Atchouma gonna hold you Mister Atchouma any any way Comment ça va? I ask her Comment ça va? SO happiness Things have changed in wonderland Since Ahmel?s camel transformed into a caravel Chorus I feel this... as a magical trip and I want to sing sing... LA... LA... LA... LA CHORUS Comment ça va? I ask him Comment ça va? In Ghandi's land not all has changed the incense is consuming time's perfume Time is changing the 1001 nights made 2001 days time is changing LA...LA...LA...LA I feel this is a magical trip and I want to sing LA...LA...LA...LA Chorus Comment ça va? citizen from our world comment ça va?