Nostalgie Amoureuse Testo

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Testo Nostalgie Amoureuse

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
That night I was walking and walking
I found myself in an open square at down
The square was dirty, full of garbage
paper, plastic, tin cans
There were people sleeping on the benches
with blankets made of cardboard
I wasn't comfortable and I judged in
instantly what I saw: stinking
filth condemned
One of them smiles at me and says

Hey! Don't go losing your today
Hiding your soul in your solitude
I've skipped from society a talking heart keeps us true

Your face is my light he says
The day shines better for the view
The birds talk among themselves
Their words tell tales of you.

We are the winners
If we unclothe our eyes
The scene is not what it seems
The healing waits in our sky.

Hey there! Before you walk away
Show me the smile that says
I'm not alone
You see what you want in me
This crazy life is my home.
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