Soul Keeper Testo

Testo Soul Keeper

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
God is a soul keeper
A doctor and a teacher
who please ya,fills ya wit
dat gospel fever,believe ya
gona make it to become a
believer to recieve a blessing
for spreadin a Word towards
His people,gettin closer,lean
on His shoulder,He unfolds a
journey dat is destined by the

Chorus:God is a soulkeeper
He'll neva eva leave ya
By promise He's a keeper
He comin back for His people

How many miracles have you
ever witnessed,dis is a true God you dont wana miss dis,
He'll hold you from fallin thru a
major bliss,remember dis,the enemy seeks out to destroy ya,trustin God will lead His and
out before ya,remorseful,
a sweet smelling scent left to
morsel,of course ya goin nowhere cuz u got Jehovah

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