Hate Testo

Testo Hate

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Why's this motha fucker looking at me is it something more than he wants to see i got a gun and it's mother fuckin loaded one more look and your daddy blows it because all the shit you disgust me, and i hate you because your not like me so me and my boy beat him down 3 against one, man he's a clown so i never had a fuckin education sell a little drugs, to battle inflation sleep with a girl that i sometimes pay fuckin, better than being fuckin gay anyway see one walking and it makes me mad this i learned from dear old dad hat eall the things you don't understand [x2] well i hate all the things i don't understand [x6] nurtured with a fist sharp instead of a kiss glare instead of a weightless aginity boy don't fuckin think hate him because he's gay see there's a lift when the mother fucker waits on you because i hate what i am hate what i am i'm a man [x4] man i'm a man [x4] man i'm a man

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