Playmate Of The Year Testo

Testo Playmate Of The Year

There's this girl I don't know Comes by every year or so And if I get the mail before my mom Then I will stay out of trouble She'll change every year Even pretty without beer She doesn't care about my hair My car, my tiny pee pee in the mirror Whoo, yehh She's finally here Whoo, yehh Comes one time a year Whoo, yehh She's finally here Whoo, yehh My Playmate Of The Year She moves me She makes me grow I'm so happy and boy does it show Now she's going to my head I'm gonan make this milky clear You're my Playmate Of The Year Hello how are you It's great to see you too Let's grab a sock It's time to rock And afterwards You never want to talk We always agree Who's in charge here is me We never fight You know I'm right It's always straight between you and me Let me go down on this girl for a day We can play spin the bottle Everyone can hear her say That I was the best she's ever had She could be my playmate And she could call me dad Whoo, yehh..... [Chorus]

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