Wasted Testo

Testo Wasted

Gotto get up Gotto open my eyes I'm swimming through this haze That's been around me for days Don't wanna come down But you were always around And everyone's so strange There is nothing that they can change Take my hand Show me how this all fits in your plan Understand That i don't need you I just need to Feel how does it feel To crush the world in two One last time And I Am wasted Feel how does it feel To scream without a sound One more time And I'm Still wasted Get me away I'm thinking maybe someday You'll find out who I am But you don't give a damn Closing my eyes It's all the same to me What I don't want to know Is what I'm not going to see [chorus] Watch the world stop I drop put my finger on it Thinking back to the day you said I could get up on it Say that you have changed I'm the same just a little loaded Comin' in out of phase lost my place Now I know I've blown it Fall into a sea of your distress And I confess that I take less than your best But you don't want To give it away today Blue sky grey Nothing that you say Take another trip aTke another fall Take it all away [Chorus]

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